4 DIY Car management tips

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DIY Car management tips

DIY Car management tips: Managing the car is not a difficult thing to do; you can save lots of money if you learn the tips to maintain your car.

Following are the few steps that you can follow to maintain your car and keep it all new. Have a look at them:

Air Filter

After every one year or after twelve thousand miles, you have to get the air filter of the car changed. For this, you have to give up your car for at least a day, and then you have to pay the mechanic as well.

You can save both your time and money and repair the filter at home in the time of just ten minutes. You will find the filter under the car’s hood in a regular box.

The box is closed with metal clips. Then remove the old ones and insert the new filter the same way like the old ones. Don’t forget to close the metal clips.

Windshield wipers

You will have to get your windshield wipers changed after six months to one year. Windshield wipers are available at every local auto parts store; you can find it easily and repair it yourself in just a few minutes.

Take a look at how the old blades are connected to the metal arms and attach the new ones the same way. Just make sure not to bend the metal arms while changing and not to scratch the windshield.

Oil and oil filter

The experts of cars say that the oil of the car must be changed after every three thousand miles, but I personally recommend it to change after every five thousand miles.

No matter what oil you use, you can save a lot of money if you change it yourself, just don’t change the oil when the engine of the car is very hot.

Also, when changing the oil, you will have to jack up the car so handle it with care. It is a dirty yet a quite rewarding job.


There are many accessories of the car that you can change yourself. In the case, the sound system of the car does not work well; you can easily fix it or replace with the new ones.

You can find many speakers in the markets out there, purchase the best speakers for your car
car and it will make car traveling more than fun for you with the right type of music and sound.
There are many little things that you can do yourself, but you should know when not to do it yourself. I hope this article helps you out. Stay safe!

About the Author:
Jonathan is an IT expert and a researcher. He is obsessed with cars and all the digital accessories. She regularly posts at sakerracing

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